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  • ITKnowLogics

    Making Jobs Easier


    Our company is dedicated to develop enterprise & business solutions, projects and research management, and consulting services; based on the latest trends in market. We have experts for over 20 years of experience in different professional fields, and our community is in constant growth.

    Our skills now specialize in two subjects: Technology Solutions with Amiware and Minerals Research specialization.

    Our Premises ...

    Environment & Efficiency
    Enterprise activities affects the environment in a number of ways, including energy usage, the materials used, and the environmental changes. Going beyond environmental compliance can also bring business benefits.

    Solution Research, Analysis and Requirements
    Those components are critical to the success of a solution or project. All aspects should be documented, actionable, measurable, testable, traceable, related to identified business needs or opportunities, and defined to a level of detail sufficient for solution design.

    Projects Development & Implementation
    The process that takes a translation improvement from concept through construction. The main goals for this process are to ensure context sensitivity though an open, consensus-building dialog among project proponents, reviewers, the public, and other parties; the foster thinking beyond the roadway to achieve the optimum communication of all modules; the encourage early planning, public outreach, and evaluation, so that project needs, goals and objectives, issues, and impacts can be identified before significant resources are expended; the achieve consistent expectations and understanding between project proponents and those entities who evaluate, prioritize, and fund projects, and ensure the allocation of resources to projects that address local, regional, and statewide priorities and needs.

    Projects Management
    The discipline of planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints, typical constraints are scope, time, and budget. The secondary and more ambitious challenge is to optimize the allocation and integrate the inputs necessary to meet pre-defined objectives.

    Enterprise Optimization
    In the Optimal Thinking organization, employees continually focus on the highest priorities, develop optimal strategies, and do their best, regardless of the circumstances. Continuous Enterprise Optimization provides the finest concepts, tools and techniques to achieve the best quantifiable results in pursuit of the most important business challenges, when the consequences of failure are potentially detrimental. This aspect implementation provides optimal contingency plans so that the organization is fully prepared for the risks, and has the best opportunities for success.

    Solutions Support
    This includes identifying and evaluating affordable resources support alternatives with their associated requirements, to meet the operational requirements and associated risks. Consequently, in describing the desired performance to meet mission requirements, the sustainment metrics should be defined in addition to the traditional performance design criteria. This is because reliability, reduced logistics footprint, and reduced process life-cycle cost are most effectively achieved through inclusion from the beginning of a solution and therefore should be addressed in the strategic plan.

  • Technology Solutions

    Produce Software
    Upgrade / Improve Software
    Shield?IT? Systems
    Build Mobile Apps
    Build Full Cross Platforms Apps
    Build Web Sites/Portals
    Technology's Consultancy
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    We are focused on building business centric technology solutions, produce software and upgrade existing ones to make it easier to use and more efficient; shield your systems to prevent potential risks, and make your technology infrastructure as user friendly as you expect to be.

    • Produce Software
    • Upgrade / Improve Software
    • Shield?IT? Systems
    • Build Mobile Apps
    • Build Full Cross Platforms Apps
    • Build Web Sites/Portals
    • Technology's Consultancy

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  • Minerals Research

    Project Management
    Geochemical Sampling
    Geophysical Surveys
    Geological Mapping
    GIS Services
    Data Compilation
    Resources Evaluation
    Lab Services
    And More ...

    Research management

    We plan, manage and execute comprehensive exploration projects. Exploration Geologists and technical support teams, GIS professionals and administrative staff of our Company, working under our exploration managers with experience, are able to provide comprehensive support to their needs in the planning, management and implementation of its mineral exploration project.
    We will build and test exploration targets, always adhering to current best practices in health and safety and environmental management, while ensuring that all exploration work is performing and completed in compliance with international information codes such as JORC, NI 43-101 and PERC.

    Our management services in the exploration of minerals include:

    Exploration planning, implementation and project management; permit acquisition and license management, data capture, management and reporting; theoretical studies and technical reports.
    In addition, management of exploration drilling, planning and implementation of drilling programs, cut, description and sampling of drill core drilling and logistics. Training of professional geologists, technicians and field services in general.

    Field geological and technical services

    The core business is the delivery to our customers, based on the contract, all of field exploration services through all phases of exploration. The company provides geologists and field technicians with relevant experience at any level, allowing seamless integration to suit your requirements, their exploration programs:

    • Detailed geological surveying and geological mapping.
    • Geochemical Sampling of rocks, soil, water, stream sediment and panned concentrates
    • Monitoring drilling activities
    • Programs of well logs
    • Paleo – Micropalaeontological and sampling
    • Sampling for absolute age
    • Terrestrial geoelectrical, electromagnetic and magnetic studies

    We have experiences further exploration base, the mine and near the mine, as well as generating new exploration targets.
    The company has a number of high-level experts on topics such as structural geology, resource and reserve estimation, quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) and geological interpretation of geophysical studies and satellite images, which are available for collaboration on specific projects.

    Some Projects ...

    • Porphyry deposits of gold, copper – gold
    • High sulfidation epithermal deposits
    • Low sulfidation epithermal deposits
    • Progenic gold deposits
    • Alluvial gold deposits
    • Iron oxide - copper - gold deposits
    • Iron - titanium residual deposits
    • Skarn deposits

    Minerals Research

    We provide an skilled staff and cost effective Minerals Exploration and Consulting Services for junior to major mining companies. Our experts with over 35 years of experience in mineral exploration and projects development make direct on-site actions in all projects. ITKnowLogics provides services for long and short term projects through Colombia, United States, India and other countries.

    • Project Management
    • Prospecting
    • Geochemical Sampling
    • Geophysical Surveys
    • Geological Mapping
    • GIS Services
    • Data Compilation
    • Resources Evaluation
    • Lab Services
    • And More ...

    GIS services

    Services of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data capture can help unlock the potential of new and existing spatial data.
    We provide a full data service to our customers, from the evaluation of legacy data, data capture, with quality assurance and quality control (QA / QC) verification data for integration into a coherent and validated spatial database.

    • Scanning and digitizing map data
    • Data and text tables
    • Creating and maintaining databases of verified maps, drilling and sampling data.
    • Data collection, integration and processing of data from multiple sources into a single data product.
    • Quality Control
    • Processing data using GIS techniques and geological software.
    • Generation of maps, vertical sections, and plotting.

    All data projects are managing and executing by experienced economic geologists, fully trained in the application of computer technology to mineral exploration, to ensure the highest quality for data analysis, improving the generation of targets and the exploration design.

    Audit of Exploration and Resource Estimation

    We have a team of highly qualified and experienced geologists who are experts in the audit of exploration projects and provides independent assessments of the resource. In this sense we can deliver:

    • Independent analysis and auditing of mineral exploration projects
    • Management of Mineral exploration programs
    • Verification Database
    • Review of sampling, test procedures and chain of custody
    • Design and implementation of procedures for QA / QC project specific
    • Independent monitoring of the results of QA / QC
    • Modeling of mineral deposits
    • Modeling and mineral resource estimation
    • Reports Independent Competent Person (JORC, NI 43-101 codes PERC)
    • Recommendations for future programs of drilling and mining
    • Design and construction reports and high quality presentations

    ITKnowLogics representatives are available to discuss the requirements for any exploration project.

    Generation of exploration targets and projects

    We are focus on the generation of targets according to metals of their interest, and studies for generate exploration targets are highlighted in existing client projects. We have a history of successful work in the conceptualization of new exploration targets. Our customers include both exploration companies, mining as well as investors.

    Summary of capabilities

    • Generation of targets and exploration models
    • Conceptual Models
    • Specific country or Metal target
    • Country or regional geotectonic Model
    • Country or regional Metallogeny
    • Verification of field data and staking hypothesis
    • Report of the target and recommendations for work program

    Our work focuses on the complete understanding and overview of the geological history, tectonic setting and metallogeny of the area of interest. Through subsequent capture data, build databases drilling, geochemical, geophysical and geological information available.
    The iterative synthesis and processing of these data are the basis of generating targets studies for commodity of interest within the mineralized system / right model. Recommendations for future work include the protection of the prospective area with applications for such licenses to the competent authority of the country.

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